Our Process

Processing recycled plastic is a labor-intensive process but the end results speak for themselves.  Symplastic uses machines that were made right here in America by Precious Plastic USA. We have been testing the machines, molds, and processes for a several weeks to bring durable, quality, recycled products to market.

  • Collect
  • Sort
  • Clean
  • Shred
  • Make


Collection is either handled by Clean Valley Recycling, picked up from one of our local businesses on a set schedule or dropped off at one of our collection points.


We sort the plastic by type since each plastic has its own melting point and other properties. Currently, we only collect #2 and #5 plastic. Most of the #2 plastic we trade for more #5. We also sort by color so we can mix cool colors or keep things consistent.


If not done so already, we remove the labels and clean the plastic. Contaminants can cause problems with our machines and with the manufacturing process.


A plastic shredder is used to turn everything into small flakes. Larger plastic items are cut into smaller pieces to fit the shredder.


We turn the plastic flakes into tiles, coasters, and other recycled products for your home. We are working on more recycled plastic product ideas every day. If you have an idea or a need, let us know.