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Symplastic is a family of products created in Fremont County, Colorado from 100% recycled plastic collected in the state. We have partnerships with Clean Valley Recycling, local businesses, and a few collection points for the community to source #5 polypropylene plastic for our products. Most material recovery facilities (MRF) in Colorado currently do not sort polypropylene but we aim to change that.

Ways You Can Help Local Recycling Efforts

Colorado’s recycling rate dropped in 2019 to 15.9%, less than half of the national average of 35%. We need to change that. Check out our process for creating products from recycled plastic. Our products are made with molds and machines made in the US, Oregon, Utah and in Canon City, Colorado.

Order our products today or contact us to see what we have in stock if you want to mix and match for your project. If you order through the website, we have a 100% Breakage Free Shipping Guarantee or DOUBLE your money back! These products are durable. Check out the videos for product demos.

Our Newest Products